Featured Band Member-September 2005

Jared Hirst

Jared-HirstGreater Trenton Pipes and Drums takes great honor in recognizing Jared Hirst as Featured Band Member for September 2005.  Jared began playing the drums in the Springfield Township Elementary School band as a 5th grader in 2004.  In his second year as a member of the percussion section in the Advanced Concert Band, Jared will also be among our featured set drummers for the brand new Springfield 6th Grade Jazz Band. Luckily for him, Jared received his first drum set for his 11th birthday in August of 2005. 

Jared joined the drum corps of Greater Trenton Pipes and Drums in February of 2004, and participated in his first parade with the band in September of 2004. Tenor Drum instructor, Cindy Crowder of the First Highland Watch has remarked on numerous occasions on how quickly and accurately Jared took to the flourishing tenor.  If there were a Guinness World Record for speed in learning to be a flourishing tenor drummer, Jared would win hands down! He has brought great skill and much attention to the Greater Trenton Pipe Band drum corps.

In addition to being a talented drummer, Jared is an achiever at school as well.  He enters the 6th grade this September, an Honor Roll student with straight A’s since the 3rd grade, and an Enrichment student with Perfect Attendance in the 5th grade.   When Jared is not busy studying for school or practicing his drums, he can be found reading from one of the many books in his collection of favorites including the Harry Potter series, Artemis Fowl, and Eragon.  He participates in the Springfield School “Battle of the Books” every year and even finds time to be a peer mediator.  Jared enjoys many different styles of music, not just pipe/drum or jazz. A reliable source tells us that Elvis in even included in Jared’s eclectic listening collection.

Greater Trenton Drum Sergeant, Mike Schillaci and Cindy Crowder, tenor drum instructor both enjoy working with Jared. He is always ready for a new challenge and “takes his drumming seriously.”  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is far more entertaining to watch Jared flourishing than some of the other people in the band playing their bagpipes! 

 Jared lives in Springfield Township with his Mom and Dad and older sister, Meghan.  You may recognize Meghan in some of the band pictures on the photo album pages. She is one of our reliable banner carriers and is always ready to help out when needed.  Thanks, Meghan! Oops, I forgot to mention the Hirst family pet, “Teeny,” a fat cat who adopted them when they first moved to Springfield five years ago.

Congratulations, Jared on your outstanding contributions to our band and for helping to bring the GTPB drum corps into the spotlight! We see great things in store for your future both in the pipe band and in school. This 6th grade year is going to be the best ever! Count on it! It’s an honor to recognize you this month as our Featured Band Member.

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